Icosa Welt Ball

23 Oct


bente b’s blog got me into starting this project. a quite unuseful pillow, but wonderfully beautiful! i ordered the pattern from knit/purl .




i threw in some yarn as well, snice knit/purl charges a flat postage rate at $12. that didn’t turn out to be such a good deal as it arrived norway having been through customs with an extra 25% tax added to it…! anyway, the yarn is just the softest, nicest, so i’m pretty much over it already 🙂 (sock from shibuiknits)



i finished all the triagles, and i’ve stiched it up. and i’ve sewn the inside-ball. but it turned out too big! so now i have to fix it/make another. i just have to get over the setback first… i also plan on making another one as a christmas gift for my mom. the 20 triangles were pretty quick to make, i spent about 1 1/2 hours on each, but it’s the putting it together… phu!



One Response to “Icosa Welt Ball”

  1. francine April 16, 2008 at 7:02 am #

    Hi there was just reading your blog, which I just love doing lol. Anyway this ball has me very curious. I don’t have the pattern and hope one day i’ll be able to purchase it somewhere lol, but right now money’s a bit tight. Here’s what I’m wondering about. You said on one of your pictures I’ve sewn the inside ball. Does this mean you have to knit the outside then have an inside sewn and stuffed maybe? I can hardly wait to get this pattern as it looks so much fun. Thank you for sharing and please email me to let me know what you mean by the sewing part. By the way did you ever finish you mom’s gift lol? Francine

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