red mittens

29 Oct


the chilly weather reminded me of the mittens i made for a friend (declared almost too warm!) last fall, so i went ahead and started a pair for myself. a movie got me this far:



yarn: eskimo from garnstudio

pattern: drops 19/93

colour: #8

hooksize: 7 mm

getting the gauge right with these stiches (chain stiches) has been a little troubling, i find it very easy to crochet way too tightly. which makes it a little hard to do get the hook through. but i think i finally got it right, which means i have to make the first mitten again…. oh, well! i’ve learned to be a patient crafter over the years 🙂


One Response to “red mittens”

  1. bobbinoggin October 23, 2008 at 11:12 am #

    i’m currently making these mittens and completely relate to the troublesome “tight” stitch.

    while i’ve crocheted for over ten years, i just learned to read patterns. is it just me, or does this pattern completely skip how to do the thumb? other than simply creating the hole for it.

    could you elaborate on how you finish off the thumb at the very tip?

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