– ufo status –

20 Jun

i’m thinking a lot about my knitting these days, but am not getting anything done. i decided to do an inventory and got this:


(and these aren’t even all…)

 from top left the projects are:

another deminishing braids hat (just started)

reversible knitted baby blanket (halfways?)

striped tunic from knit1 (not too much to go)

garterlac dischcloth (just started)

– pink scarf (1/3 done)

houndstooth cardi (one sleeve done)

leg warmers (almost done #1)

– plans for dress (deciding yarn and colour)

long vest

– lace scarf in cat’s paw pattern

– the devil’s baby hat (just need to weave in ends)

fishnet wraptie cardigan from sussdesign (will be frogged)

…it seems i should do less thinking and blogging and more knitting…


One Response to “– ufo status –”

  1. Eva June 20, 2007 at 11:58 pm #

    Ojsann, du har enda flere ufoer enn meg!

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