7 Aug

for all the great feedback on my fishies! it’s so much fun to knit and blog when people like what you’re doing –  and let you know 🙂 – just keep the comments coming! i’m getting better at leaving traces from my blogrounds myself, especially since i’m realizing how motivating it is.

and THANK YOU – gurin – for giving me the title   arockingirl.jpg

if you push the button it takes you back to gurins’s blog, gurin likes vintage farbrics and making bags.

and now i would like to appoint dalinda a rockin’ girl blogger! i like the colours and naive style of the stuff she’s making and the simplistic design of her blog :). go check it out.

back to the fish – i’ve knit about 32 fish, but i’m not putting too much effort in these days (1 fish forward and 1/2 fish back….), so i should speed up once i get going again. but look at what i got from digisnail over at eBay:


a digital pocket scale!

 5 fish weigh 22 grams. which means that 1 fish weighs 5,5 grams and that i almost get 10 fish from one skein of safran from garnstudio.

i can weigh my knits and keep better track of my yarn. i think it cost about $5 (buy-it-now price), but about $20 in total including postage. which wasn’t so bad. i might also get other uses out of it. it goes down to 0,1 grams and up to 500 grams. 





2 Responses to “THANK YOU!”

  1. Eva August 7, 2007 at 11:53 pm #

    Gleder meg til å se lua 🙂 men jeg kan desverre ikke ta æren for Rocking Girlnominasjonen. Den er det Gurin som har gitt deg så jeg i bloggen hennes :)Velfortjent nominering er det uansett!

  2. linda August 8, 2007 at 6:23 pm #

    Takk for utfordringen!! – Artig!! Skal “spekulerere” litt i kveld – så sender jeg den videre!! Det fiske-teppet er jo bare helt fantastisk – for en tolmodighet du har!!

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