8 Aug

it did start out as pinneguri‘s latvian garden, only with bigger needles and thicker yarn. i knit about halfways up the middle section of the pattern when i realised that i’d been pulling the yarn in the back on the middle section to tight, so it was looking to become an hourglass shape i wasn’t in for. so i frogged down to the hearts, having originally knit 6 rows in green and decided this will be an all-heart blankie. i’ve been good this last week, trying to keep my focus on this project, and it’s paid off. since i’m aiming for a square babyblanket all i have to do now is finish the last blue row! And then figure out a knitted edging and how to attatch a fabric backing…

a quick cell-phone snap shot –

pattern: partly latvian garden

yarn: sandnes alpakka

needles: 3 1/2 mm

and did i tell you i’m no good at this two colour knitting? i’m hoping washing and blocking will do wonders 😀 at least i think i’m evenly uneven in my knitting 😉

now i have to run since my friend finally decided that we can go blueberrey picking today – but it has to be right now!


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