12 Sep

i am very much in the crafting corner these days 🙂  the quilt has of course been my main focus. i’m still working on the right technique and on the road to deciding, i’ve googled A LOT! since i’m not the most experienced hand quilter. i’ve come across some interesting tutorials and books on the way, and these are the options i’ve tried/discarded:

1. hand applique using applique-stitch, using freezer paper

this technique is ok, my stitches are not too great, and it’s a bit annoying to stitch with the freezer paper on the piece being appliqued (but i’m sure it would work to remove the paper once the piece is ironed well)

2. hand piecing using running stitch (according to this book)

you can see the result of that in my previous post. of course, i can’t have that lump in the middle of every square… and it’s much more work cutting out the pieces…

3. hand piecing using ladder stitch

4. hand applique using ladder stitch (also called invisible applique)

both nr. 3 and 4 is done according to amy simms’ book invisible applique, and i actually emailed the author to ask which way to go and she replied “piece it”. so i tried, but somehow i found it not much different than option 4 and also – option 4 has less cutting.

so  the winner (so far) has to be – number 4!

this is, though, slower that option 1, but i totally like how it actually is invisible! very nice. and little work pre-stitching as you follow the exact drawn lines from the template and use needle-turn to tuck the seam allowance under. (i have, of course, not mastered that technique yet, so i’m mostly tucking with my fingers…)

but seriously, people – am i really going to HAND applique one whole quilt? won’t i then also have to hand quilt it? will i ever get it done?

i may look into option 5.

invisible machine applique.

(i wonder how people survived without the internet…)

(and – maybe i need a new sewing machine?)


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