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something cute – the pattern!

6 Jan


nonono, i did not die on you. i’ve just been busy and lazy, that’s all 🙂 haven’t done a whole lot of crafting, but i will get some pictures taken and make a few posts of what i’ve been working since last. in the meanwhile – here’s the pattern for the cutest little daisy flower square! having written this without the square at hand and half a year after the work, there’s a chance that an error or two has snuk in! feel free to let me know, and i’ll fix asap.

about yarn/hook:

for the something cute blanked i used sandnes duo (dk weight) and hook 4 mm. the square measures 8×8 cm. any yarn with corresponding hook will do.

first a couple of basics:

1. one flower petal: 5 dc, take hook off loop, put hook (from front to back) through 3rd chain (the last ch of space before the 5 dc) and the ”loose loop”, yo, pull through both loops on hook.

2. the first dc on row is made by chain 3

begin with colour of flower centre. chain 4, make circle with one slip stitch. as an alternative, you can try the magic adjustable ring. i used this method for something cute.

1st round:

still with colour of flower centre, chain one, 7 sc in circle. end round with slip st in chain.

change to flower colour.

2nd round:

make 1 flower petal in each sc with chain 3 between each one, end round with slip st in 3rd chain at beginning of round = 8 petals

change to background colour.

3rd round:

sl st into the first chain 3. *3 dc in the next  chain 3’s, (2 treble crochet, chain 2, 2 treble crochet) in the next chain 3 (=corner). repeat from * 3 more times. end round with slip st in 3rd chain at beginning of round.

4th round:

sl st into the first chain 3.  dc in the next  6 dc, (2 treble crochet, chain 2, 2 treble crochet) in the corner chain. dc in the next 7 dc,  (2 treble crochet, chain 2, 2 treble crochet) in the corner chain. repeat from * 2 more times. end round with slip st in 3rd chain at beginning of round.

5th round:

sl st into the first chain 3.  dc in the next 10 dc, (2 treble crochet, chain 2, 2 treble crochet) in the corner chain. dc in the next 11 dc,  (2 treble crochet, chain 2, 2 treble crochet) in the corner chain. repeat from * 2 more times. end round with slip st in 3rd chain at beginning of round.


i didn’t want the contrasting joining on the cute blanket, so i seamed it with the background colour by hand. it you may want it differently, and it is of course possible to join this in the same manner as in the something pretty pattern 🙂

unfortunately, i gave the baby blanket away before i remembered to take a picture of it, but i will try to get that done so that the pattern post will show a finished object.

something cute?

18 Jun

this crocheting thing is addictive! working on a variation of something pretty.

shooting for a baby blanket this time.

still a big fan of the color combo – yellow-gray-white 🙂

keeping busy making

28 Nov

here’s a round-up of what’s been happening…

my contribution to the pay it forward and my surprise for rigmor

norah gaughan’s mayer (taking a break here because i realised i have to frog my way back a bit…)

before-christmas presents to my friend’s children, with a bit of raw edge applique and free-motion quilting 🙂

the lovely selbumittens on 2 mm needles…

a pillow for a friend

evilla variegated yarn

turning into the ten stitch blanket

now back to mad men

FO – latvian hearts

12 Sep

i’ve had to tear myself away from the absorbing quiltety to get back to finishing the latvian garden-inspired baby blanket. the receiver was born in the middle of july, so i’m a bit behind. well, yesterday i focused and finally got it done 🙂

I have knit the edging, sewed it on to the back like your regular binding on a quilt.

after discussing it with a non-crafter-friend – decided to give the option of getting a fabric backing if small fingers get tangled up in the back. i have even bought the matching flannel, but we thought it’d be nicer with only the wool.


8 Aug

it did start out as pinneguri‘s latvian garden, only with bigger needles and thicker yarn. i knit about halfways up the middle section of the pattern when i realised that i’d been pulling the yarn in the back on the middle section to tight, so it was looking to become an hourglass shape i wasn’t in for. so i frogged down to the hearts, having originally knit 6 rows in green and decided this will be an all-heart blankie. i’ve been good this last week, trying to keep my focus on this project, and it’s paid off. since i’m aiming for a square babyblanket all i have to do now is finish the last blue row! And then figure out a knitted edging and how to attatch a fabric backing…

a quick cell-phone snap shot –

pattern: partly latvian garden

yarn: sandnes alpakka

needles: 3 1/2 mm

and did i tell you i’m no good at this two colour knitting? i’m hoping washing and blocking will do wonders 😀 at least i think i’m evenly uneven in my knitting 😉

now i have to run since my friend finally decided that we can go blueberrey picking today – but it has to be right now!

Mille’s puffed rings

23 Sep

i’m proud to present


the project has gotten some fans over at ravelry, so i’m excited to see if anyone will make it. one of my test crocheters – IdaE – already finished hers – looking good! go check it out here. (and to you who knows norwegian, don’t you just love the tommy&tigern strip that’s heading her blog? i do 🙂 )

i would like to thank my test crocheters at hobbyboden – synnøve, pus, maja, IdaE and ajende. your feedback has been constructive – thanks! to anyone else with input – just let me know 🙂


5 Sep

i’ve been gone from blogging for half a year! for quite a while there i wasn’t doing much crafting either, but it’s picked up over the summer. i’ll just have to face it – i’m a periodical person. a project person. so i apologize for the inconcistency, but i think that’s the way it’s going to be. hopefully i still have some readers, but i have to agree – i probably don’t deserve it after all this time 😀

Anyway, what have i’ve been up to – craftwise?

(the pictures are linked to my projects on ravelry)

well, the houndstooth cardi is done!

and i’ve made 5 baby blankets since last. only two of them have found owners so far, but again, i have a few friends with a bun in the oven…

pattern: design 201-15 from dale

yarn: dale babyull, 9 skeins

hook: 3,5 mm

pattern: starflower estonian lace baby blanket (ravelry link)

yarn: tuva from europris, 6 1/2 skeins

needles: 4 mm

pattern: design 201-15 from dale

yarn: baby merino fra nille, 9 skeins

hook: 3,5 mm

pattern: knitty’s opart

yarn: tuva from europris

needles: 3,5 mm

one of the blankets is actually of my own design, and i’m about to post the pattern for it! it’s been test-knit by a few of you, so i just need to to the polishing of the pattern before releasing it (i’ll come back and link it when that’s done).

oh, and the yarn-eating catherine wheel blanket has found it’s place on my couch, finally having reached it’s completion. i lost count of the amount of yarn used, but i think between 40 and 50 skeins… yikes! but i like it all the same!

i also made a silk shawl/scarf. i don’t think i mentioned it on the blog before.

pattern: a wide triangle from victorian lace today

yarn: morbærsilke, 1 skein, 100 g

needles: 4 mm

and of course i was bitten by the bug  – starstruck shawl (stjernespekksjal)- as the pattern was released from the talented girls at pickles! it’s a bit boring, but works up reasonably quick, and i love the daisy stitch – it was only about time i learned how to do it! i’m actually almost done, but this is a snap shot from last week:

tatami done as well

13 Feb

i did get into it with this as i started handquilting it… but i enjoyed the stiching, and actually got the hang of it after a while. the stiching pattern was made as i went along.


and the blankie all folded and ready to be given to my friend’s brand new son jakob.

(and if anyone could tell me how i get some space between the pictures and the text i would very much appreciate it! my returns don’t seem to matter…)

babies are a’coming

7 Aug

so i thought it would be faster to sew some baby blankets. and as i was surfing around the craft-blog-world a while back i found some inspiring japanese quilts with lots of white and just a hint of colour. so it took me a couple of evenings to make this:


but now i’m getting into . . .


hand quilting.

…some times i might just be too bold for my own good…

inspiration: tatami