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something pretty – the pattern

22 May

about this pattern:

i found this pretty picture on pinterest and was totally smitten. after a lot of googling and searching i wasn’t able to find the pattern, so decided to figure the pattern out myself. dottie angel‘s pictures of her thrifty find was very helpful, and i was happy to find out that this is actually a pretty simple pattern, so novices – don’t be alarmed! just go ahead and try it out 🙂 for more pictures, check out this, this or this post.

about yarn/hook:

any yarn with corresponding hook will do, i find that moving up a hook size from what the yarn says makes a softer material that would work better with a blanket. i’ve made pillows with these squares so that wouldn’t matter so much. i used sandnes duo (dk weight) and hook 4 mm and the square measures 8×8 cm, with garnstudio drops paris (aran) and hook 5 mm one square is a bit over 10×10.

first a couple of basics:

1. one flower petal: 5 dc, take hook off loop, put hook (from front to back) through 3rd chain (the last ch of space before the 5 dc) and the ”loose loop”, yo, pull through both loops on hook.

2. the first dc on row is made by chain 3

begin with colour of flower. chain 4, make circle with one slip stitch

1st round:

chain one, 7 sc in circle. end round with slip st in chain.

2nd round:

make 1 flower petal in each sc with chain 3 between each one, end round with slip st in 3rd chain at beginning of round = 8 petals

3rd round:

sl st into the first chain 3. make 2 flower petals in each chain 3, and chain 3 between each flower petal = 16 petals in round. end round with slip st in 3rd chain at beginning of round.

change to background colour

4th round:

sl st into the first chain 3. *3 dc in the first 3 chain 3’s, (3 treble crochet, chain 2, 3 treble crochet) in the next chain 3. repeat from * 3 more times. end round with slip st in 3rd chain at beginning of round.


i crochet the squares together with slip stitch. lay out two rows of squares, begin with the first two, make a loop on hook, put hook from front to back through back part of dc on last row, first on one, then the corresponding one on the other, yarn over and pull through three loops on hook. continue like this, when you reach the end of the first side of these two squares just go on and start with two new ones all across the length/width of your blanket/pillow, like so:

i’m publishing this patten un-tested, so feel free to let me know if there are any mistakes/uncertainties for me to correct!