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the red scarf

12 Nov




and one skein of yarn has gotten me this far on the broomstick scarf. so this is halfways. fortunately the tecnique did get a lot faster once i got the hang of it…!

scarf in broomstick lace

5 Nov




(also called peacock stitch)

happened to stumble across a scarf in this stitch in a yarn shop, and, of course, have to give it a shot… so far it isn’t the fastest technique i’ve tried, but hopefully i’ll get into it.



yarn: kitten mohair from sandnes garn

colour: red #4219

one knitting needle: 25 mm (but why not try a broomstick??)

crochet hook: 3,5 mm

width: 50 stitches /10 peacock stitches across = 20 cm

you can find instructions for the stitch here.