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tunisian crochet baby blanket

23 Oct

saw a picture of it at heklehekta’s blog, and bought the pattern from solvor.

i made one for my friend that had a baby on september 29:




yarn: 2 strands of chiri alpakka from rauma

(55 %baby alpaca/22% superfine alpaca/23% silk)

approx. 6 50 g skeins

colour: ch913

hook: approx. 9 mm (the big hook from solvor/danhook)



i’ve also made half one for another friend that had a baby on the same day:


yarn: 2 strands of tiur from dale

(unfortunately not in production anymore, lovely yarn 60% mohair/40% wool)

colours: #2526 (yellow) and #4027 (red) 

hook: approx. 9 mm (the big hook from solvor/danhook)

gauge: 15 chain stiches and 7 stars per 10 cm


but as her baby surprisingly (to some) came out a boy… i had to start one more (but haven’t finished…):



 yarn: 2 strands of tynn alpakka from du store alpakka

colours: # 101 (offwhite) / #103 (brown)

hook: approx. 9 mm (the big hook from solvor/danhook)

gauge: 17 chain stiches (white) and 8 1/2 stars (brown) per 10 cm


of the three choices of yarn, it is the first one that is my favorite. it built up thick and went really well with the needle. unfortunately the yarn is quite pricey, and the technique uses a lot of it! the colour pattern for the brown/white one demands a heckuva lot of weaving in ends as you have to cut the yarn after every row… that being said, i think it looks rather pleasing. Two strands of tynn alpakka is also to thin for the hook i used, so it is a little bit more tricky to do.