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finished belt!

3 Dec

well, it has actually been finished for a while, and have been used a couple of times… Finding the buckle proved to be the bigger challenge, and luckily i stumbled across this one, good enough i think. so here it is – around my waist 🙂



23 Oct



yarn: petunia from per tryving

colour: #236 (pinkish brown, exactly like the shirt it is to be used with!)

needles: 3,5 mm 

width of belt: 20 stiches /5 cm (2 stitches per cable)


one cabled belt knitted, but not finished due to uncertainties about how to close it… i do have plans to knit another in a different colour, since i need it and it’s a very quick project. and i learned how to knit cables without the extra needle during this project too! (thanks to grumperina).