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i’m back :)

13 Feb

sorry i was away for so long, hope i’ve still got some readers…! been busy and without a computer for a long while, but just got my hands on my brand new macbook – so here i am!


anyway – back to business – i finished the fish blanket quite a while back and here it is!



and the whole shebang –


its final measurments are about 65 x 65 cm, for other details on it, check out older posts. i knitted this as part of a knit-along at, and it was so popular, another KAL is happening as we speak!

fish blanket pattern II

8 Sep

there are some ladies over at the forum crafty threads ‘n’ yarns that are knitting the fish blanket from my pattern. it turns out they’re my my proof readers as well! a couple of errors were brought to my attention, so i did a little editing… and replaced the formerly posted pdf with a new one (millesfish_070908.pdf). i also made the chart a little bigger, so it is easier to read. thank you murdo and franney (and sorry about the frustration… 🙂 )

From hobbyboden nunnun is also knitting fish from this pattern, and maybe supernøtt will, too.

fish blanket pattern

19 Aug

i’d like to share my version of the fish pattern, since i’m quite happy with it!

download the pdf here: millesfish_070908.pdf (edited sept. 08 ’07)

and be sure to drop me a line if you use it, i’d like to see how it turns out 🙂


7 Aug

for all the great feedback on my fishies! it’s so much fun to knit and blog when people like what you’re doing –  and let you know 🙂 – just keep the comments coming! i’m getting better at leaving traces from my blogrounds myself, especially since i’m realizing how motivating it is.

and THANK YOU – gurin – for giving me the title   arockingirl.jpg

if you push the button it takes you back to gurins’s blog, gurin likes vintage farbrics and making bags.

and now i would like to appoint dalinda a rockin’ girl blogger! i like the colours and naive style of the stuff she’s making and the simplistic design of her blog :). go check it out.

back to the fish – i’ve knit about 32 fish, but i’m not putting too much effort in these days (1 fish forward and 1/2 fish back….), so i should speed up once i get going again. but look at what i got from digisnail over at eBay:


a digital pocket scale!

 5 fish weigh 22 grams. which means that 1 fish weighs 5,5 grams and that i almost get 10 fish from one skein of safran from garnstudio.

i can weigh my knits and keep better track of my yarn. i think it cost about $5 (buy-it-now price), but about $20 in total including postage. which wasn’t so bad. i might also get other uses out of it. it goes down to 0,1 grams and up to 500 grams. 




fish update

26 Jul

since i wasn’t completely happy with any of the two patterns for the fish that are out there on the web, i figured out my own. it is a mix of the pattern from knitter’s magazine issue 51 (summer 1998) and the other pattern of the smaller and simpler fish. my fish are similar to the first pattern, but almost as small as the second pattern, without eyes and narrower.


i deciced to crochet the fish together using chain stiches because i wanted the extra colour between the fish (oh, and i decided on orange instead of pink as a more fun than cute blankie). i pick up stiches on every other row on alternating sides of the seam, which results in a zig zaggedy chain that is as elastic as the fish.


and weaving in ends and crocheting it together as i go along is probably a very good idea… 🙂

…mediterranean fish…

26 Jul

i took ’em along on my oh-so-sunny-and-warm holiday to nice/grasse/juan les pins on the french riviera…








…nice pebble beach fish…




…train travel fish…




…grasse pool fish…




…train fish again…




…juan les pins sandy beach fish…


i had about 4 fish when i left and 12 when i got back. as you might know – sand and salt and water and sunblock and sweat doesn’t really go well with knitting 🙂

but better on planes and trains!


…about the fish…

14 Jul

i’ve knitted up a fish from the original pattern, only narrower, i’ve knitted one version of the smaller fish (the flat one), tried knitting intarsia-style, tried to work out a pattern which is small, but longer, and with the same detailing as the original fish. and i am eventually happy with the result! let the fish knitting begin… (i’ll post a picture later, when i’m around a camera…)

oh, yeah, and i joined the 6sox.jpg….