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yarn mystery 4th and last part

4 Jun

tata – mystery no more!


a container for my knitting! it has been twice in the washing machine with two pair of jeans at 40 degrees, and has been blocked full of cds and dvds. the with of it is about the height of a dvd-case. i’m pretty happy with it, and very happy about making such a good thing from stash yarn… 🙂

yarn mystery part 2 and 3

31 May

i’ve got a little bit left of part 3, but will get to it today since the 4th and last part of the pattern comes tomorrow! What is this gonna be? a box? a bag? we will know soon…


i didn’t mind what the pattern says about colours and just decided to do mine with stripes. it’ll be interesting to see it that goes with the completed project.

yarn used: rauma finull, gjesdals ullteppegarn and vamsegarn

needles: 7 mm

yarn mystery – stash buster!?

26 May

but what colour combination to choose..? i need about 500 g for the mysterious project….

everytning outside the box is feltable yarn, which is what’s needed. right now i’m drawn ot the white/beige/pink, but i’ll go out for a while, come back and look at it with fresh eyes…. 🙂 the sun is shining on this happy saturday!


yarn mystery

21 May

i joined the yarn mystery at! first part of it starts on thursday at 7 p.m.