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ms3 – clue 1 and 2

11 Jul

are done! i am using the yarn called for – jaggerspun zephyr in colour ebony and needles 3,5 mm – addi turbu lace ones (very happy with those). next clue comes out on friday.


Mystery Stole 3 – swatching

13 Jun

the first clues of the ms3 won’t be out for another couple of weeks, but in the meantime we’re told to swatch!

i’m trying to figure out which yarn to use, and i’m wondering about this 100% silk i bought the other day. i’ve knit up these two pieces, one with needle size 3 mm and one with needle size 3,5 mm, but i can’t figuere out which one is better. all i know is that the smaller needles were more comfortable to knit with… any opinions from you experienced lace knitters…?


i just can’t get enough…

10 Jun

…of new projects. look what i ran into (and had to join):



another mystery! click the image and it will take you to the yahoo group to see more info and maybe join the fun!