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5 Sep

i’ve been gone from blogging for half a year! for quite a while there i wasn’t doing much crafting either, but it’s picked up over the summer. i’ll just have to face it – i’m a periodical person. a project person. so i apologize for the inconcistency, but i think that’s the way it’s going to be. hopefully i still have some readers, but i have to agree – i probably don’t deserve it after all this time 😀

Anyway, what have i’ve been up to – craftwise?

(the pictures are linked to my projects on ravelry)

well, the houndstooth cardi is done!

and i’ve made 5 baby blankets since last. only two of them have found owners so far, but again, i have a few friends with a bun in the oven…

pattern: design 201-15 from dale

yarn: dale babyull, 9 skeins

hook: 3,5 mm

pattern: starflower estonian lace baby blanket (ravelry link)

yarn: tuva from europris, 6 1/2 skeins

needles: 4 mm

pattern: design 201-15 from dale

yarn: baby merino fra nille, 9 skeins

hook: 3,5 mm

pattern: knitty’s opart

yarn: tuva from europris

needles: 3,5 mm

one of the blankets is actually of my own design, and i’m about to post the pattern for it! it’s been test-knit by a few of you, so i just need to to the polishing of the pattern before releasing it (i’ll come back and link it when that’s done).

oh, and the yarn-eating catherine wheel blanket has found it’s place on my couch, finally having reached it’s completion. i lost count of the amount of yarn used, but i think between 40 and 50 skeins… yikes! but i like it all the same!

i also made a silk shawl/scarf. i don’t think i mentioned it on the blog before.

pattern: a wide triangle from victorian lace today

yarn: morbærsilke, 1 skein, 100 g

needles: 4 mm

and of course i was bitten by the bug  – starstruck shawl (stjernespekksjal)- as the pattern was released from the talented girls at pickles! it’s a bit boring, but works up reasonably quick, and i love the daisy stitch – it was only about time i learned how to do it! i’m actually almost done, but this is a snap shot from last week:

…scarf exchanges…

26 Feb

i’ve been participating in the first annual facebook handmade scarf exchange and the international scarf exchange 7 for the last few months. that’s of course nothing much to blog about along the way, since it’s supposed to be a surprise for the reciever, but since it’s all done now, i’ll tell ya…
i made the housatonic her reversible cable scarf for kryssie in british columbia, canada:


(kryssie’s daughter with the toothbrush…)
and then i made this delta stitch shawl/scarf for allison in massachusets, usa:



(me modelling)
and YESTERDAY – i got this bunch of treats in the mail from martha in texas:
the looong cool scarf (soft malabrigo):

the hot sauce (as put on everything in texas):

the chocolate (yummy):

the yarn (about to turn into the grrlfriend market bag):

and such cute knitter note cards:

thank you thank you martha!

1st annual facebook handmade scarf exchange

1 Feb

look what i got in the mail this week!

lyn(ravelry link) from england was my designated scarf knitter for the 1st annual facebook handmade scarf exchange (puh! facebook link) and sent me this scarf along with a pair of wristlets and two skeins of her handspun merino wool! thank you lyn – i like it 🙂

i knitted a scarf for Kryssie in Canada (ravelry link), and was of course late and didn’t have the time to take a picture of the finished scarf! Hopefully Kryssie will and send me a pic. anyway, i knitted her scarf from housatonic his and hers reversible cable scarves (ravelry link). available as a download at webs. i knitted it in sandnes alpakka, needles 4 1/2, colour green, very similar to the colour above!

stripey wavey scarf

30 Mar

i made this as a birthday present for a friend way back in november, and just borrowed it this weekend to document it! it is totally inspired by the chevron scarf from the book last minute knitted gifts, but i didn’t bother to buy the book, so i winged it!

pattern: own (inspired by this (ravelry-link))

needles: hm. can’t remember… 5 – 7 mm?

yarn: double dsa tynn alpakka

colours: green and off white

stash buster

11 Jul

just made this scarf to use up some nice soft yarn layin’ around. this will be a christmas present.


yarn: chiri from raumaull

needles: 7 mm

pattern: just plain and simple brioche stich, with double yarn on the first and last 10 cm

size: approximately 15 x 200 cm