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3 wips on the needles

27 Sep

it seems i’m not able to focus on one project these days, so here are the three that share my attention:

the brainless socks from yarnissima in shibuiknits sock, needles 2,5 mm.

the edging for the starstruck shawl from pickles in the yarn merino super fine from garnstudio. i didn’t want fringes som i’m testing i-cord edging. not sure yet, though…

and when i saw monai’s potholders, i had an urge to learn to do double knitting. now, looking at monai’s post it seems they’re knit in the round, but i see how double knitting is very suitable for a project like this. i got some help from stitch diva’s tutorial on the subject. i do have a hard time knitting double tight enough, though, so this first one may get – frogged 🙂 we’ll see.


5 Sep

i’ve been gone from blogging for half a year! for quite a while there i wasn’t doing much crafting either, but it’s picked up over the summer. i’ll just have to face it – i’m a periodical person. a project person. so i apologize for the inconcistency, but i think that’s the way it’s going to be. hopefully i still have some readers, but i have to agree – i probably don’t deserve it after all this time 😀

Anyway, what have i’ve been up to – craftwise?

(the pictures are linked to my projects on ravelry)

well, the houndstooth cardi is done!

and i’ve made 5 baby blankets since last. only two of them have found owners so far, but again, i have a few friends with a bun in the oven…

pattern: design 201-15 from dale

yarn: dale babyull, 9 skeins

hook: 3,5 mm

pattern: starflower estonian lace baby blanket (ravelry link)

yarn: tuva from europris, 6 1/2 skeins

needles: 4 mm

pattern: design 201-15 from dale

yarn: baby merino fra nille, 9 skeins

hook: 3,5 mm

pattern: knitty’s opart

yarn: tuva from europris

needles: 3,5 mm

one of the blankets is actually of my own design, and i’m about to post the pattern for it! it’s been test-knit by a few of you, so i just need to to the polishing of the pattern before releasing it (i’ll come back and link it when that’s done).

oh, and the yarn-eating catherine wheel blanket has found it’s place on my couch, finally having reached it’s completion. i lost count of the amount of yarn used, but i think between 40 and 50 skeins… yikes! but i like it all the same!

i also made a silk shawl/scarf. i don’t think i mentioned it on the blog before.

pattern: a wide triangle from victorian lace today

yarn: morbærsilke, 1 skein, 100 g

needles: 4 mm

and of course i was bitten by the bug  – starstruck shawl (stjernespekksjal)- as the pattern was released from the talented girls at pickles! it’s a bit boring, but works up reasonably quick, and i love the daisy stitch – it was only about time i learned how to do it! i’m actually almost done, but this is a snap shot from last week:

Shawl (i kjærlighetsknuter)

25 Oct

started up again after almost a year in a drawer…



yarn (faerytale) and pattern by du store alpakka.

not sure if i like it…