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i am very proud

11 Jul

to present my finished striped tunic! i am very happy with it as it fits perfectly. you might have read in a previos post that i used thicker yarn and knitted it in one piece to get me out of all the seaming in the end, so it was a bit of a brainer.  i’ve worn it several times in the week and a half that it’s been done 🙂 !


 i used 13 skeins of yarn, for more info on yarn and pattern see the previos post.



yup – new project

16 Apr

but getting a little older…. i’ve been knitting away at this the last few weeks, but had to put it aside for a bit while figuring out how to finish it off. the pattern is from vogueknitting’s knit.1 spring issue- striped tunic. but i couldn’t find the yarn with the right gauge so i’ve pretty much been recalculating the whole pattern. i also decided to knit the most part in the round where the pattern calls for flat knitting. this process is quite educational! i’m hoping this sweater/dress will be this summer’s favorite that i’m hoping for! 🙂


yarn: paris from garnstudio

colours: off white #17 blue #48

needles: 4,5 mm

gauge: 15,5 stiches / 10 cm