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keeping busy making

28 Nov

here’s a round-up of what’s been happening…

my contribution to the pay it forward and my surprise for rigmor

norah gaughan’s mayer (taking a break here because i realised i have to frog my way back a bit…)

before-christmas presents to my friend’s children, with a bit of raw edge applique and free-motion quilting 🙂

the lovely selbumittens on 2 mm needles…

a pillow for a friend

evilla variegated yarn

turning into the ten stitch blanket

now back to mad men

isn’t it lovely?

31 Oct

i FINALLY figured out how to quilt the quilt  🙂 cut out with acrylic templates (custom made here), sewn by machine with a 1/4″-foot.


it will be 4 squares bigger than this, originally i thought even bigger, but having spent a lot of time and fabric on testing techinques i’ve run out of the green fabric – and so has the fabric shop! i am very happy to have figured out how to machine piece this – this way it may get done sometime in the near future 🙂

some intense googling has also given me the name of the pattern – flowering snowball.

and yes i did – last month i bought a new sewing machine! for some reason i just decided i needed one – after having used my mom’s husquarna machine since the 80ies.

since last time, i have also made 3 christmas ornaments from the book julekuler by the designers arne & carlos. the pattern calls for wool filling, but i put glass balls on the inside to give a better round shape, and gave’em a bit of rub with soap and hot water to tighten them up. very quick little project, but a bit fidgety with two colors, 5 needles and a glass ball…


12 Sep

i am very much in the crafting corner these days 🙂  the quilt has of course been my main focus. i’m still working on the right technique and on the road to deciding, i’ve googled A LOT! since i’m not the most experienced hand quilter. i’ve come across some interesting tutorials and books on the way, and these are the options i’ve tried/discarded:

1. hand applique using applique-stitch, using freezer paper

this technique is ok, my stitches are not too great, and it’s a bit annoying to stitch with the freezer paper on the piece being appliqued (but i’m sure it would work to remove the paper once the piece is ironed well)

2. hand piecing using running stitch (according to this book)

you can see the result of that in my previous post. of course, i can’t have that lump in the middle of every square… and it’s much more work cutting out the pieces…

3. hand piecing using ladder stitch

4. hand applique using ladder stitch (also called invisible applique)

both nr. 3 and 4 is done according to amy simms’ book invisible applique, and i actually emailed the author to ask which way to go and she replied “piece it”. so i tried, but somehow i found it not much different than option 4 and also – option 4 has less cutting.

so  the winner (so far) has to be – number 4!

this is, though, slower that option 1, but i totally like how it actually is invisible! very nice. and little work pre-stitching as you follow the exact drawn lines from the template and use needle-turn to tuck the seam allowance under. (i have, of course, not mastered that technique yet, so i’m mostly tucking with my fingers…)

but seriously, people – am i really going to HAND applique one whole quilt? won’t i then also have to hand quilt it? will i ever get it done?

i may look into option 5.

invisible machine applique.

(i wonder how people survived without the internet…)

(and – maybe i need a new sewing machine?)


29 Aug


interesting meet in the middle….

back to applique?

hand appliqué or hand piecing?

29 Aug



i think i’ve gone from appliqué to hand piercing, but now comes the question of machine piercing… guess i have to test it all. gotta love the process…!

(and weekend-rain)

i got distracted

22 Aug

i fell in love with this while blogsurfing….

having shot a picture of my screen showing this post from the inspiring diary of a quilter-blog. just now tying to figure out how to make this… i think keyword here may be hand applique – somewhat ambitious maybe? stay tuned 😉

still making…

26 Jul

just not blogging about it. having had a few lazy days of holiday i found it’s finally time to get blogging! i will try to catch up since last… which is a long time ago 🙂 i’ve been better at keeping my ravelry projects updated, so feel free to check it out. For you non-ravelers out there i’ll get it on here as well. some projects are photo-less at the moment, i’ll try to get more pics in this post in the coming few days.

this is what i’ve been working on (in random order):

boatneck bluebell by stephanie japel (sorry, no finished photo, but it is finished!)

yarn: garnstudio drops alpakka held double

needles: 4 mm

i FINALLY finished giselle!

i participated in ISE8 – recieved a scarf from wendy in singapore and made one for karrie, the host of the exchange. will post pictures later. for karrie i made lace fichu in wollmeise twin.

i finished the first pair of brainless and made another pair in black

i made prinsesvøbet for isak – my friend’s baby born february 20th

i made my coming niece a pair of stay-on baby booties for christmas

i recently started still light tunic

but was interrupted when i suddenly realised there was a baby birth coming up! had to start another baby blanket, somewhat inspired by pinneguri’s latvian garden.

i’ve tried to pick up the rustic circles afghan. didn’t work.

and the biggest project of all since the beginning of february – a kitty! a red-tabby british shorthair cutie born november 5th ’09. (age 3 2/2 mos in pic)

he got a custom made climbing tree, designed and built by yours truly! couldn’t bear the thought of ready made plush craziness in my (small) apartment… Check out this link for more in-the-process pictures.

and a bigger cat – age 8 months:

another pretty big project – the birth of my niece on april 22nd – of course i was a bit behind, but started a quilt that i finished a couple of weeks ago. it was well recieved by the parents!

niecie had of course gotten another baby blanket before she arrived – she got the original puffed rings.

and with the good weather we had in june – inspired by margrethe – i made a summer favorite skirt from my old worn out favorite diesel jeans. margrethe linked to a tutorial.

i started an entrelac project – think it will be a shawl or scarf – with the wonderful koigu kppm. have to order more yarn, though…

AND – i recieved a surprise in the mail from solveig at sols(tr)ikke! about a year ago i signed up for pay-it-forward in her blog and then i recieved this in the mail (sorry, solveig, i’m ripping off your picture as i haven’t taken one yet):

the bag’s size is perfect – you can even fit a binder in it! it’s been in use pretty much since i got it 🙂 thank you solveig!

another fun thing – i bought a new camera! what a great excuse to get blogging 🙂 so far i’m very happy with my choice – a pentax k-x, got a kit with an extra lense (50-200) at japanphoto 🙂 i actually chose pentax because of the good grip, didn’t like either the nikon d5000 or the canon eos 500d. (my hands are a bit big…) and the pentax was cheaper than both…! so picture quality may get better on this blog, some of the pics above have been taken with my new camera (you can probably guess which ones?)

since my poor blogging probably has made my readers a bit… well, absent, i’d appreciate it if you leave me a comment to let me know if some of you are still out there. tata for now!