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kitchen towel

17 Sep

i was inspired to make kitchen towels over the summer (that’s what a new kithchen does to you), and i bought materials for this:

i started it about a week ago, and finished the cross stitched embroidery, but so far i don’t have a plan for edging… any suggestions? i’m thinking skråbånd (sorry, norwegian word only), or folding it and pulling out a thread or two from the fabric to sew along. so far i’m leaning towards the last one.

to get stich cross stiches i had to put aida fabric on top of the towel fabric, and sew through both layers, and to get it right, i’ve stithced from front to back and then from back to front again, which is a bit of a hassle.. but it was a lot of fun to pull out the strands from the aida when i finished 🙂

the pattern is from familien nr. 16, 1988. The original pattern was embroidered by anne pauline gulbrandsdatter herumhagen in the 1880ies, and it’s her on the picture down in the corner. isn’t that pretty neat?

i didn’t like the bright and bold pinks suggested in the pattern, so i’m using DMC mounliné no. 760 and 347 instead. i have plans to embroider each one of the 4 working women on 4 different towels.