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selbu modern

9 Nov

i finished this about a week ago, another project that popped up at ravelry that i just had to start. check this (ravelry link) out to see how many versions it’s been done in…

folded in four

yarn: tynn alpakka from du store alpakka

needles: 2,5 mm

pattern: selbu modern by zeitgeist yarns. it’s free!

i have a thing with multi colored knitting, it doesn’t seem to work out as even as i want it. but i do think it’s getting better, and i appreciated elite‘s comforting words at oslo snb, that this yarn isn’t the easiest either… i think there’s something in it too though 🙂

and another thing – it turns out, this hat doesn’t look too good on me, so i think what we have here is a christmas present!

drooping hat

9 Nov

found a hat at hm that looked fairly good on me. went home and made a similar one with stash yarn. a very quick knit. my friend and i modelled it on a sunday walk after having hot chocolate and cinnamon buns on a bench overlooking the city.

yarn: 1,5 skeins – nanuk from du store alpakka

colour: 612 (petroleumish)

needles: 7 mm

pattern: own

– two hats –

24 Mar

i’ve been wanting to knit koolhaas for a while, and when i noticed a malabrigo-koolhaas-along at ravelry i cast on! i did the pattern as it stated for the woman’s size, but it ended up a little too short… but luckly my mom has a tiny head, so i didn’t have to frog half of it to fix… here it is (on me 🙂 ):

pattern: koolhas by jared flood
yarn: malabrigo worsted
colour: azul profundo
needles: 4 and 5 mm

in between the knitting i found a crochet hat pattern at that i made on a two-hour train ride today!

pattern: hue med bobler

yarn: manu 100 % baby alpaca (a new fav!)

colour: off white (un16)

hooksize: 8 mm

devil’s baby hat

11 Jul

i’ve knitted this quickie a while back to a friend that has a baby girl on the way. it is quite big, though, so she might not get to wear it until she’s older… 🙂


yarn: tynn alpakka from dsa

colour: red (sorry, lost the number) and off white (#101)

needles: 3 mm

pattern: here

i love it!

26 Feb

check out this wonderful hat blog

pattern: here
yarn: two strands of sandnes alpakka
needles: 4 mm and 5 mm

i changed the pattern from a cloche shape to a shorter regular hat. instead of the 7 inches of braid 4, i did 6 inces, and i changed braid 3 to have 3 rows between the twisting rows and braid 2 to have 2. i did the eyelet round without eyelets and instead did the increases by picking up yarn from the last row and twisting it.

i’ve used the hat lots and love it, it’s very warm – and i would like to knit another…


28 Dec

this slouch was knit up quickly in the last couple of days. i’m not usually one for hats, but (since it’s cold and i theoratically like the slouching hat) i will, sceptically, give this one a go…


    yarn: one strand of kitten mohair and one alpakka from sandnes garn

    colours: 6855 and 6765

    needles: 6 mm and 8 mm

    pattern: own

pink/gray stocking hat

4 Nov


yarn: 2 strands of pink chiri from raumagarn and 2 strands of gray tynn alpakka from du store alpakka

pattern: from solvor

hook: double ended hook approx. 9 mm from solvor (danhook)

model: roomate