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pay it forward

27 Sep

A while back i was visiting solveigs colourful blog and was tempted to join the game pay it forward. what happens is that you get a gift from the person/blogger you sign up with and agree to send gifts to the three first ones that sign up with you. the gifts are to be sent off within a year. if you’d like to be part of the network of paying it forward, leave me a comment.

these are the rules:

1. you need to have a blog, so everyone can see what you send off and what you recieve

2. you must want to make someone happy!

3. you need to send your own 3 gifts within the next 365 days

how about a surprise in the mail from me within the next year? let me know 🙂

(and did you see the movie from 2000 featuring helen hunt and kevin spacey? it’s a good one)