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i’m in love

5 Dec


can i? all i can say is

you go, look, buy, wait, open, smile 😀

great handmade quality and wonderful bagdesign.

this is the porter in color provincial blue. (sorry about the colors here, it’s freckin’ dark here in the winter…) it’s a pretty big bag, just what i need since i always seem to carry two or three somethings around…

i ordered this the day i got my last pay, before moving all the money around to where it should go. good thing i did, otherwise this sack of joy wouldn’t be in my closet right now.  (i’m a bit poor these days…)
it took 2 1/2 weeks for it to get sewn up and travel from new york to oslo.

and how in the world did i end up finding this bag? well, modish told me! And if you wan’t to spend hours and hours with your laptop, one pretty thing and whipup are two great start off sites for us crafters.
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who actually gets anything done with this thing called the internet around anyway?