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and now – for the neckline…

18 Nov


i’m not sure how it should be, but it seems like i’m going in the direction of a wide round one. working with the picture in photoshop is also helpful in trying out different ideas.

also – i’m realizing that the vest could be a tad slimmer… maybe i’ll have to make someone else wear it 🙂  and hopefully blocking/ironing it will make the pattern more even.



long vest progress

12 Nov

it has grown a little bit in the last week… the way the cable pattern moves a little to the left is a bonus – i didn’t see it coming, but am happy about it 🙂  i think it will make an interesting touch to this long vest. i have decreased the number of stiches by 18 over the last 6 reports to make it a fitted fit, and think i have succeeded in making it invisible. now, doing an invisible increase will be the next challenge… i do plan on posting the diagram for the cable/lace pattern soon.





5 Nov

i’ve been looking for a long vest in shops and searching the net for patterns without any success…! so here it goes – designing my own 🙂 . the cable/lace pattern was found in an old pattern





yarn: vamsegarn from rauma

needles: 5 mm

pattern : own

gauge: 2 “cables” / 18 stitches = 10,5 cm