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3 Aug



2014-08-03 10.42.50So this is what the new yarn is turning into – another blanket, my favorite kind of project.

Pattern: Country fresh blanket, by Patons
Yarn: Merino extra fine, Garnstudio (original yarn: Patons North America Decor)
Hook: 5 mm

Being very eager to start (regardless of the milling WIPs I got on the go already) I went ahead and started the project. I chose one hook size bigger for the foundation chain row, and about 3 rows in realized that the chain stitches were too tight… So I decided to start over, going up another hook size. But when I tried the 7 mm hook, it didn’t get much looser, so I had to resort to google. And then I came across the great foundations stitch that makes the foundation chain st and single crochet in one! Very cool, check out this link for instructions. There’s no going back to the old ways now 🙂


I’m alive!

30 Jul

And just bought this delightful pile of yarn today! Not that I needed it… But about to start a new project, will keep you posted 🙂


(testing phone blogging)


29 Aug


interesting meet in the middle….

back to applique?

hand appliqué or hand piecing?

29 Aug



i think i’ve gone from appliqué to hand piercing, but now comes the question of machine piercing… guess i have to test it all. gotta love the process…!

(and weekend-rain)

Mille’s puffed rings

23 Sep

i’m proud to present


the project has gotten some fans over at ravelry, so i’m excited to see if anyone will make it. one of my test crocheters – IdaE – already finished hers – looking good! go check it out here. (and to you who knows norwegian, don’t you just love the tommy&tigern strip that’s heading her blog? i do 🙂 )

i would like to thank my test crocheters at hobbyboden – synnøve, pus, maja, IdaE and ajende. your feedback has been constructive – thanks! to anyone else with input – just let me know 🙂

CW blanket

1 Feb

well, this is how far i am now with the catherine wheel blanket:

it measures 133 cm wide by 44 tall. so far. i started with about 230 chain stiches, and with 8 rows per 10 cm it seems i will have to crochet some 160 rows… 35 down.
and about the yarn EATING: used maybe 12 skeins so far. i’m not even gonna do that math…

catherine wheel – continued

31 Jan

as i blogged about here – i fell in love with the catherine wheel stich. and it’s been running around the back of my head until i finally decided that i wanted to make a blanket using the stitch. i had to do a little swatching, though, as the pattern EATS yarn like crazy and in order to figure out hook size, gauge, colour, pattern etc. here’s a glimpse of the swatch, i’ve gotten a leap longer, but have to wait for daylight tomorrow to take a picture!

yarn: alfa from sandnes garn 85% wool, 15% mohair
hook: 7 mm
gauge: 1 pattern repeat = 6 cm

i don’t know if it’s possible to see in the picture, but i started with the brown/white/green and the regular pattern, but tested reduced number of stiches in the wheel with the blue/green/white. the original pattern calls for a combination of 3 single crochet and 7 double crochet in the wheel, but i reduced 7 to 5 in order to save yarn and time.