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sewn christmas presents

30 Jan

last year i made my girlfriends quilted totes for christmas, and since i’m always way to slow to start thinking about making presents, i turned to the sewing machine again this year, and spent a sunday making these 5 makeup pouches.

the short one is the first one, as you can see, i decided it was a bit too small, and changed the size for the next ones…

i’m quite happy with them, especially the way the fabric gathers in each end, something i noticed on a leather bag once, and had to go home and figure out how to fold 🙂

once i had the sewing machine out, i also made my aunt a knit sack, pretty much the same, but a bit different than the one i made a while back. i struggled a bit, again with the plastic, so i changed it this time to be a narrow “window” all the way ut the side instead of the bottom.

and some pin cushions as extra presents, ended up giving my mom one, and my grandma one, still got four on my shelf.